Idaho has never been known for low gas prices, but this is a little depressing. The national average of a gallon of gas dropped by 1.9 cents over the past week but increased in Idaho. 

A survey of 802 stations across the country shows that while the rest of the country is on a decline, the Gem State has increased by .7 cents per gallon.

According to an article on local news 8 the average gallon of gas is $2.77. Anytime we are under $3 a gallon I'm a happy camper, although I do miss the 90's when you would occasionally see gas under $1 a gallon!

Gas Buddy says we still sit 7.7 cents lower than we were a month ago and I love this, 45.3 cents lower than we were at this time last year.

I've found utilizing all the shopping/gas perks around town really works. I collect points through both Fred Meyer and Albertson's and sometimes I'll accumulate enough to score 30-50 cents off per gallon, which makes a huge difference.

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