Have you ever found yourself driving behind a car that is just going too slow? Maybe you have looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a car that is far too close behind you, even though you are going to speed limit?

Speed limits here in the Treasure Valley are more controversial than one might guess and that is why we've looked to YOU for the most needed speed changes in our area:

These 13 Treasure Valley Roads Need a Speed Change

Spend any time driving around the Treasure Valley and odds are you will spot a little bit of road rage. While it's nothing wildly aggressive most times, it seems that with the growth of our city has come a lot of conflicting opinions on HOW to drive on our streets. Roads that were never meant to handle the volume of traffic that they now do have different speed limits-- some that are a little fast, some that are a little slow. We took to our means, Facebook, to ask YOU where the worst roads are at and which speed limits need adjusted. Here is what we found.

After reading up on ALL of these local roads, can you think of any that we might have missed?

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