More food trucks are seen around Boise these days.  Ya love Tiki Teriyaki, The Kilted Kod, and the Funky Taco?  Me too. Food trucks are huge.  It's a business opportunity for lots of people all over the country, including an NBA player now.  Check it out.

The Spurs' Tony Parker is opening up a food truck this week that serves French food, but he's not doing the cooking.  He's got plenty to do on the basketball court after all, and food trucks take a lot of time and energy.  He's teaming up with a French chef named Cliff Chetwood to make it happen.  They're hollowing out an old school bus, painting it red, white, and blue, and calling it Creme de la Creme.  So what's on the menu?  Steak and fries, hot goat cheese salad, and some salmon scallopini.  A step up from drive-thrus and NBA concession stands.

It's amazing what food trucks can crank out.  And if you can find a truck and come up with an interesting menu, it's a great way to start a business than can be successful relatively quickly.  There's talk of a Food Truck Rally coming to the Treasure Valley in April.  We'll watch Facebook for more.

Food trucks are exploding in popularity all over the Treasure Valley.  It must be a million degrees in those kitchens in the summer time, but aside from that little detail, it looks like a fun job with lots of freedom.  And tasty!  Keep truckin' foodies.  We love it.