The City of Boise completed the construction and opened its newest park. Bowler Park is an over 24-acre park with beautiful views and activities for your entire household.

The park is named for the couple Beth and Bruce Bowler, who donated the land for a park in 1995. The park is located in the highly scenic Surprise Valley in Southeast Boise.

This isn't your average park. It is divided into different sections for different activities that will keep everyone in your family busy for hours. For the youngest visitors, the playground designed for 2-5-year-olds has some of the most fun equipment that has ever been installed into a Boise park. From musical instruments to a tower of slides, there is a lot of fun to be had.

The excitement doesn't stop at the age of five either. The next playground is designed for those ages 5-12 and focuses a lot on group play.

For the older kids, the skate park provides a different kind of fun with a challenging course. The other side features a splash pad for hot summer days. The city didn't leave the dogs out, as the huge off-leash dog park has a section for all dogs and shy dogs.

The city worked with Boise's own to create a gym that has equipment for adults. The equipment is made up of modern, outdoor versions of some of the same workout machines you would find at the gym you pay a monthly fee. There are instructions on each piece of equipment, but has recommended workouts on their website.

There are also more structured activities like Bocce courts and a nine-hole disc golf course that is more than halfway complete. Public restrooms are already in the park but aren't open quite yet.

This weekend, if you feel like spending some time outdoors with your family, consider trying Boise's newest park.

FIRST LOOK: Boise’s Bowler Park

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