Survey gotta take a shot at this!

Did you happen to see the casting call ad while you were scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed this week?! Family Feud is one of our favorite game shows and there's nothing more we'd love than to see some families representing the Treasure Valley on the game show! So how do you make it happen?

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Well, with varying levels of lockdown happening across the United States the producers of Family Feud decided to take the casting call online and are conducting the in person portion of the audition process over Zoom.

In order to get there you must have a team of five assembled made up of people you are related to by blood, marriage or legal adoption. They suggest that everyone on that team be at least 15 years old because...well, you've seen the show. Some of the questions are skewed toward an older audience.

Have those family members in mind? When then just click HERE to start your application! It'll ask you some basic contact information questions, request some details about your family and give you an opportunity to upload an entertaining video about your family!

To standout, the show recommends including fun stories and photos of your family in the package. They also suggest playing a practice round of the game so that you can show off your family's enthusiasm, creativity and wit!

If you apply and move on, you can expect a response from the show within four weeks to set up your Zoom call!


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