It might be surprising to some, but Idaho has some excellent river adventure sporting.  This weekend, one of the most intense kayaking events in the country is on the Payette. 

The North Fork Championship brings some of the best kayakers in the country to one of the most extreme river routes in the country every year.  This year is even more challenging, since the Payette's North Fork has experienced such high flows.

The main event will be Saturday north of Banks.  The qualifiers for that race were determined today.  There is a heat race (which sees six racers at at time) tomorrow at 3pm.  The elite race which features 30 boats will be Saturday at 1pm.

Each competitor gets two attempts at the course.  The field of 30 includes the top 10 finishers last year, 10 racers selected by last year's top finishers, and 10 top finishers from Thursday.

For comparison, the river flow is at 3940 cubic feet per second while last year it was 1800.

You can find more from the Idaho Statesman, HERE.


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