Ladies, let’s be honest. Your man has at least one pair of jeans that has a permanent outline of their wallet on the back pocket. You’re not much better. Your wallet is so overstuffed that it takes up most of the room in your purse. Experts, including the Federal Government, say that it’s time to start cutting down what you stuff in that wallet…for your own good! 

Almost all of us have lost our wallets at one point or another. Maybe you had it stolen out of the center console of your car that you could’ve sworn you locked. Maybe you left it on the top of your car while you were loading the trunk with groceries at Albertsons and drove off without grabbing it. Maybe you left it on the counter while flirting with the cute barista at Starbucks. Maybe you had one too many drinks at the club and you can’t for the life of you remember where you set it down. 

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These are all common situations where your wallet could end up in the wrong hands, without someone pickpocketing you or threatening in order to steal it. And today? They’ll probably do more than just swipe the cash. It’s likely that these criminals will use something in your wallet to commit identity theft. 

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According to the latest numbers available, more than 1.1 million reports of identity theft were reported in 2022. 2,222 of those reports were filed in Idaho. 125,121 of them were filed in California. That’s more than any other state in the country. 

Unfortunately, there’s a number of things in your wallet that can set those thieves up for success when it comes to stealing your identity and cleaning out your bank account. They’re items that you absolutely do NOT need to be carrying with you on a day to day basis and that’s why experts recommend that all Idahoans and Californians remove these items from their wallets, immediately. 

Experts Warn You to NOT CARRY These 7 Items in Your Wallet

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