School's almost out for the summer! Where are you going to take the kids to cool down and run off some of that energy so they don't go stir crazy? 

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in an apartment complex or neighborhood with it's own community pool, but luckily the Parks and Rec departments across the Treasure Valley have given your family plenty of ways to cool down when temperatures start inching toward the upper 90s!

It'll be about another week before city pools start to open for the Summer, but most splash pads turn on Memorial Day weekend! Take a look at which ones are closest to you!


Settlers Park | 3245 N. Meridian Road

The pirate-themed splash pad normally operates Memorial Day through Labor Day from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.  That's always subject to change if Mother Nature gets cranky or crews need to fix something!

Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park | 1900 N. Records Avenue

According to the city of Meridian's website, this one also operates Memorial Day through Labor Day from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m., but I noticed the ground around it was already wet before the storm moved on Wednesday evening! You'll find it near the playground.


Comba Park | 2995 N Five Mile

If you moved to the Treasure Valley after 2014, you'd never know that this beautiful splash pad used to be a field of weeds and goatheads.  It now features a splash pad with three ground sprays, dumping bucket, and a 36-inch orb.  Once the weather stabilizes, they'll get it ready to open for the summer!

Boise Center on the Grove | Downtown Boise

Ok, it's not technically a splash pad, but has anyone ever told you NOT to run or ride your bike through it? No. No, they haven't!

Borah Park | 801 S Aurora Drive

Open to kids of all ages, this one operates 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Memorial Day Weekends through Labor Day.


Reid Merrill Park | 637 E. Shore Drive

It seems like I'm always at Merrill Park to run a race during the winter, so I frequently forget about the Splash Pad here! They've got one with some way cool interactive features next to the playground!

Guerber Park | 2200 Hill Road

If you haven't been to Guerber Park, you've been missing out! The park's playground is pretty massive and there's a splash pad right next to it!


Lakeview Park | Garrity and 16th Ave N

Unfortunately, you'll have to shell out a little cash to enjoy this one because it's inside the swimming area. The good news? It's silly cheap for your kiddos to get into the waterpark! Kids five and under are $1 and kids 6-17 are $2. Mom and dad? It's only $3 for you to get in!

Lions Park | Davis Ave & Winther Blvd

The Lions Park playground is great.  It's all inclusive so kids of all abilities can play there! There's some spray toys as well as a pool located there!

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