Election day is coming up for Idaho primary elections. If you live in Ada County, you can vote right now!

With May 15th being the official day to vote, lines and crowds could be expected at polling places all over the Treasure Valley-- that said, such crowds could cause wait times that many might not have time for.

Through May 11th, Ada County residents have a chance to vote early. This presents plenty of opportunities for you to get out and vote-- no matter your schedule. Find a time that works for you!

Not only are lines expected to be significantly smaller, but you will be able to register to vote as well. That's an added step that you can knock out in no time as well.

In a spirit of encouraging residents to get out and vote, hopefully, this effort made by Ada County will mean you can get to the polls and make your voice count!

For a complete list of hours and locations of early voting polling places, click HERE.


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