When it's close to 100º, it's a bummer to see any of the Treasure Valley's water recreation areas close but this one is for your safety. 

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation has detected a blue-green algae bloom in the water inside Eagle Island State Park.  Known by it's scientific name, cyanobacteria, the algae produces toxins that are dangerous to both humans and pets. According to Everyday Health, the bacteria is normally so small that you can't see it with the naked eye but as the weather heats up, the population gets larger, producing a visible "bloom."

For the public's safety, Eagle Island has restricted access to the swimming pond until tests by the Department of Environmental Quality comes back without signs of toxins from the bloom. The results should be back in a couple of days.

The public should take this advisory seriously. According to KTVB, a woman reported her dog dropping dead on the beach after swimming in water contaminated with the algae.  It happened at a campground near Rexburg.

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