Earlier this week, we told you about how a lack of employees is causing long wait times at Treasure Valley restaurants. For the mental and physical well being of those few good employees, some have had to adjust their days of businesses to give the staff a little reprieve.

Turns out, it's not just the restaurant industry facing a hiring crisis. Idaho Parks and Recreation is experiencing it, too. It's forced them to temporarily postponed the opening of the waterslide at Eagle Island State Park. According to a post on their Facebook page, they don't have enough seasonal employees to open and operate the waterslide.  At this time, they haven't set a target date for opening the slide, simply stating that it will open when they have enough staff to run it safely.

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Traditionally, the waterslide is open Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends. At just $12 dollars for an all day pass, the waterslide is a fun option for parents on a budget. Bringing a float out to the lake or swimming are still water fun options.

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In the same post, they posted a link to actively recruit season workers not just for waterslide operators, but seasonal employees in the visitor center and entrance kiosk as well. If you, someone you know or your teens are looking for summer work you can apply HERE. 

Teens as young as 14 can legally apply for the jobs, although the park prefers those 16 and over.

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