Anyone under 40 most likely has not experienced watching the movies in the great outdoors.  Yes, Drive-In Theaters still exist in Idaho.


Remember throwing twenty or thirty teenagers into one vehicle?  At least five or six fit in the trunk.  How about those big, bulky speakers you'd hang on the window of your car?  Remember the days where we watched two movies instead of one?  That's right kiddos, we got two movies.  The warm air, blankets, turning the truck around and sitting in back, cuddling, kissing, and who knows what else.  Yeah, we could actually get some action at the movies.  You can't do that now! reports that there's only 338 Drive-In Theaters left in the country.  Seven of them are in Idaho.  Here's the road map to a blast from the past if you're looking to catch a flick after the sun goes down.