Photo: Boise Hawks

Greenstone Properties, the company that owns the Boise Hawks has announced it has reached an agreement with St.Lukes Health System to purchase 11 acres of land on the corner of Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive.

According to the Boise Hawks, the company hopes to build a multi purpose sports stadium on four acres with residential, office and retail space on the other seven. The Boise Hawks would be the stadiums primary tenant however the stadium could also be used for minor league soccer, Boise State baseball and concerts and festivals.

Photo: Boise Hawks

The agreement is a big step towards building the stadium because St. Lukes had other suitors including the state of Idaho whose plans did not include a sports facility.

The stadium would seat about 5,000 possibly more and cost around 41 million. Another 60 million would go towards retail, office, housing, parking and the like.

Terms of the agreement have not been released.