"Well, that's...um...new."

Those were my exact words as my neighbor and I rolled back into Downtown Boise after our trip to Gold Fork Hot Springs over the weekend.  When I left for McCall on Friday, the side of the new Fowler apartments was a dark grayish-brown color.  When we came back, it looked like somebody had a splatter paint fight with it. We could see some other lines on the building that looked like maybe, just maybe there was more to come...but we just didn't know.

Luckily, our friend Don at Boise Dev got the scoop while I was out of town! LocalConstruct has hired an artist to pain mural that will cover more than four stories with colors that make the drive into Downtown Boise really "pop." Inspired by some photos LocalConstruct sent him, the artist, David Carmack Lewis, will paid homage to the historic Fowler house in the mural. It will incorporate the home with the beauty of the Boise foothills and those Instagram worthy Treasure Valley skies that we just can't get enough of.

It'll cost about $60,00 to complete and should be done sometime in September.

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