For Greenbelt runners and cyclists in need of a potty break, this building is like seeing a lush, green oasis in the middle of the dessert. Years ago, it was so much more than just a public restroom. 

Over the past decade, I've spent a considerable amount of time putting in marathon training miles along the Boise Greenbelt and this building's existence has always fascinated me. It looks considerably different from the other public restrooms along the 25-mile long path.

That's because the building that now houses restrooms and is used by the Boise Police Department's Greenbelt patrol, used to be a rental shack called "Wheels R Fun." The wheels they rented out included roller skates, inline skates and tandem bicycles.

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Whenever a photo of the now defunct "Wheels R Fun" building gets posted in the "Boise & The Treasure Valley History" Facebook group, members are eager to share their memories. It's where James Roberts first tried rollerblades, promptly went to the top of the hill right next to the rental shack and tried to skate down the tunnel. Needless to say, he had too much speed and ended up taking out a who family on bikes. He summed up the experience in two words "Blood EVERYWHERE!"

Kim Youmans had less painful memories. She said back in the '80s, she and her son would rent skates from "Wheels R Fun" and make their way over to BSU to skate the squad. On their way back, they stopped at College In-N-Out to cool down with two supersize sodas. And yes, they were buy one get one free.

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Not only did this little shack provide lots of fun on wheels (and knee scars,) it also rented tubes to float the river. According to Reddit user "Boisee," it was a pick-up location for the very first "Boise River Tuber Transport" bus that would take you back and forth from the drop-in at Barber Park.

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