The scene at my dining room table this weekend resembled this one about five different times.  I folded laundry, cleaned out storage closets, and sorted paperwork.  It was time to purge.

I've had this project "on my list" for weeks, but finally, this weekend became the moment when the project had to move forward.  I HAD to get some of this stuff sorted.  My trash is already full for the week (and garbage day is Friday in my neighborhood).

That fact alone demonstrates how overdue this activity really was.  When I cleaned out a ton of clothes from my closet a few months back, I made the rule that if I hadn't worn it over the last year, I clearly didn't need it.  I gave myself 5 "passes" that could save that item of clothing in case i had just forgotten about it or lost it in the shuffle.  I donated 75 items and, truthfully, I haven't missed a thing I gave.

Over the last month, I had a chance to donate shoes that had been clogging up my closet floor that will now be used by victims of Hurricane Harvey.  That too proved, I was holding on to things that just no longer had a big purpose in my world.

Paperwork is a little different, but I tried to maintain the same basic concept.  If it was something past it's value, gone.  If it was something I thought might be sentimental but it's been buried in a box or pile for years, let it go.

I've filled my trash.  I can see the floor in my "office" at the house, and i have collected more dust than I realized existed in my house.

This purge was good.  It was needed, and if I'm being honest, it's the first of about three more I need to do.

Next weekend?

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