You made it through "Snowpocalypse 2017" don't you think you should get a little something to commemorate?

A Boise mom and former girl scout has designed a scout-style patch for those Treasure Valley residents who have dealt with feet of snow, icy roads, and snow many. snow days.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Chryssa Rich came up with the idea after getting stuck in her driveway (in a 4-wheel drive car nonetheless). After getting out with the help of neighbors, she thought she needed a badge to celebrate.

So she designed it herself. The badge boasts six stars to represent the six Boise School District snow days.

You can actually buy the badges for only $5 (FREE SHIPPING), and 20% of the proceeds will go directly to Interfaith Sanctuary, a local homeless shelter.

Chryssa says that if you've done one the following in the last few weeks, you deserve this patch too!

  • Survived 6 or more snow/ice/flood days
  • Shoveled a driveway more than once
  • Removed snow from your roof
  • Cleared a storm drain
  • Learned the difference between rock salt and calcium chloride
  • Helped push a stuck vehicle out of the snow
  • Borrowed someone's vehicle to get to work
  • Thrown pantyhose on your roof

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