When a "T-Rex named Sue" came to the Discovery Center of Idaho in 2017, it became an instant fan favorite.  Riding the momentum of Sue's visit, the Discovery Center is taking it's first steps toward introducing a permanent T-Rex exhibit to the Treasure Valley!

According to KTVB, The Discovery Center of Idaho is using a $75,000 donation from Chevron to add Tinker the T-Rex to their permanent collecting in late 2019.  Cheveron's generous donation will help the Discovery Center team construct the new 1,000 square foot area that Tinker will call home.  To keep things fun for both young and old alike, the exhibit will also include hands-on exhibits related to Tinker and her time in history.

Boise's Tinker will be a little smaller than the real juvenile dinosaur. The exhibit's skeleton is actually a two-thirds scale cast of the real Tinker.  Getting all of Tinker's bones in one place after she was discovered South Dakota in the late 90s was a LONG process, complicated by bankruptcy and land ownership disputes. It wasn't until 2014 that all of Tinker's bones were mounted together to form the most complete juvenile T-Rex in history! The real Tinker was about 30' long and stood about 10' 2" tall.

The Discovery Center estimates that their new T-Rex display will open in December 2019.

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