Are you ready to go back to Titanic?

For some reason, that just sounds more dramatic when Bill Paxton says it! But it's an opportunity you'll have very soon in Boise! The day after we shared the Titanic themed escape room on Overland, the Discovery Center of Idaho announced that they're about to begin construction on Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. 

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The exhibit will take visitors through the RMS Titanic's entire history from its construction, to a look at what life was like for passengers during the four short days of it's maiden (and only voyage) and a closer look at what the night it sank was like in 1912. They bring the story to life with 120 authentic artifacts from the ship and shipwreck. The exhibit also includes recreations of what accommodations on board were like!

Image via Discovery Center of Idaho
Image via Discovery Center of Idaho

We're so excited for this exhibit because it takes the history of Titanic beyond the glitz, glam and pageantry of the ship that you see in the movie! Titanic's construction married science, technology, engineering and math into what was one of the biggest engineering feats of its day!

Construction on the exhibit begins on Monday, January 18 and will be closed until the exhibit opens on Monday, January 15. If you can't wait to see it as soon as it opens, remember the Discovery Center is operating on new hours, accepting debit/credit cards only and has timed entry with limited capacity so make sure you bookmark their website so you have it handy for tickets!

Admission is free for members. Non-member pricing is $18 for adults over 18, $17 for seniors 65 and older, $12 for kids 2-17 and free for those under 2. There's also discounts available for active duty military and veterans.

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