It is February and in a relationship or not, it is hard to ignore Valentines day is coming up. If you have ever dated an Idahoan, are married to an Idahoan or are currently dating an Idahoan, you should be able to relate to most of the things on this fun list.

Beyond that are some fantastic and unique date night ideas in and around the Boise area followed by local Valentine gift ideas.

10 Things to Know About Dating an Idahoan

If you are dating an Idahoan or in an Idaho relationship here are a few things you should know. These are based off of my experiences and inspired by

Do you have any to add? Tell me here if I missed something that 'you should know if dating an Idahoan.'

Now for date night ideas!!!! Have fun with your sweetie!

Ultimate Guide to Date Night in Boise

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas in Boise

Here's What Idaho Men REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

We went to Facebook to see what it is men really want for Valentine's Day and the comments did not disappoint! We're still laughing at Jeanette W.'s suggestion.

Here's What Idaho Women REALLY Want for Valentine's Day...

Struggling to find a gift for that special lady? No worries, we got you! We took to Facebook to ask Idaho women what they really want for Valentine's Day!

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