Get out of the house and have an epic time with your kids at the Canyon County Kids Expo!  Check this out:

My kids cringe when I toss out current slang terms and actually use them in their proper context.   So here is a little translation for you:

  • "off the heezie fo sheezie"  means:

    looking or being cool or hot!

  • "cramazing" is a mashup of the words "crazy + amazing"

Invite your kids to join you for a cramazing time at the Canyon County Kids Expo!  Make sure you stop by the 107.9 Lite FM booth cuz The Picture People will have props and stuff available and will snap free professional pictures of you and your offspring being all "off the heezie fo sheezie!"

Picture People


The whole family can also guess how many Lego's are in our mystery Lego display for the chance to win Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle from our friends at the 10 Mile & McMillan Walmart store.

Lego Star Wars

The Canyon County Kids Expo is this Saturday at the the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa from 10am-6pm.   Tickets are $4 adults/$2 kids more INFO HERE