We so often see highlights of amazing Airbnb experiences throughout the State of Idaho or photos of dream homes that most of us will never be able to afford. But what about the housing considerations for the less fortunate? The homeless-- the poor and marginalized of our community--are often the last thought on our minds.

We're coming out of a winter which, while mild, was very cold and preparing to go into a summer which as always, will be nice and warm. What do the homeless members of our community do during these times? Well, many great organizations like the Boise Rescue Mission and the Interfaith Sanctuary here in Boise work overtime to make sure needs are met, heating or cooling shelters are available, and so on.

A member of a local community Facebook group that I am a part of shared the story of 'Micro Tiny Homes' that appear to be just getting started in a community in California. Instead of relying on tents or tarps to live in, these homes are being designed by a community member looking for a safer, easier on the eyes, and positive alternative.

These 'Micro Tiny Homes' as picture above are build out of sustainable and reusable materials to lower environmental impact AND offer better shelters to those who would otherwise be under tents or tarps. They are sealed for waterproofing, painted with fire retardant and NASA insulated paint, they have a tinted window, air vent, wheels and even a solar panel system.

There are two great success stories, HERE.

The man with the brains behind this project is even sharing blueprints, supply needs with cost, and video instructions with hopes that his idea catches on.  Maybe builders, contractors, or just every day handy-people here in the Treasure Valley could adopt this idea for those in need in Idaho?

Learn more about this mode, HERE.


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