It's absolutely amazing the accolades Boise has received over the past few years as a city to live and work. So many time's Boise has shown up as one of the top cities to live, but I am still surprised when we make another list

One of the big web sites that crunch numbers on rating the best cities in in America is

Every year, ranks the top 100 cities in America. Well once again Boise made it onto the list at #27

Here’s what Livability had to say about Boise: Situated at the intersection of where desert meets mountains, the city of Boise’s cultural amenities are just as impressive as its natural surroundings. The Boise River flows through the city, past theaters, museums, great breweries and Boise State University.
They compile data from schools, community health organizations, real estate, entertainment and numerous other sources of information.

Boise is the only city in Idaho to make the list


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