It's revolting, disgusting, and apparently very healthy for you. It's even being labeled as a "superfood." What a conundrum.

First of all, what the heck even is cockroach milk? They don't have udders like cows, so what gives? Cockroach milk is actually composed of highly nutritious milk-crystals found inside the Pacific Beetle cockroach. The milk is so healthy that it's being called one of the most nutritious and highly caloric substances ever found.

If that wasn't enough, the creepy milk-crystals may even be fantastic for your skin. Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian explains:

The levels of growth hormone in this particular liquid are unknown, and there is evidence that shows that growth hormones may exacerbate acne in certain individuals. The high levels of sugar may also make it a poor choice in terms of skin health and beauty, as we know that high-sugar diets actually accelerate skin aging.

So here we are. 2018. Where "milk" from a cockroach is the healthiest thing for you. We gotta ask...would you try it? Let us know on Facebook.

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