You can score a free Chipotle taco or burrito for the kids on Saturday, IF if they're wearing this certain thing.  Here's what you need to do.  

Chipotle says they'll give a free burrito, bowl, salad, order of tacos, or kids' meal to any child 14 or under on Saturday, as long as they're wearing a team soccer uniform. Chipotle is celebrating youth soccer, and they want to give kids free food after the game.  It's buy-one-get-one, so parents will have to buy a burrito to get a free one to give to that budding soccer star.  Okaaaay.  Twist our arms.

So what if your kiddo doesn't play on a soccer team?  As far as we can tell, even if it's a soccer t-shirt that'll work, and he or she doesn't have to be on an organized team.  They're not carding at the door.  But Chipotle does say, "Definition of ‘uniform’ is at restaurant staff’s discretion.”  So don't try to get away with a Russell Wilson jersey.

Find Chipotle at The Village at Meridian, or on North Milwaukee or South 6th in Boise. The promotion is good on April 16th only.

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