According to National Today, today is the official day for The Lantern Festival.

And while The Lantern Festival is a Chinese traditional festival that represents the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, it’s also a festival that has inspired many other festivals to happen throughout the world, and even here in Idaho.

The overall idea of a “Lantern Festival” came from this specific traditional celebration, and now there are thousands and thousands of Lantern Festivals like it that are happening all around the world every year. These festivals promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. They're often held as a way to honor, pray, worship, and welcome happiness.

Learning these things about Lantern Festivals got me thinking … does Idaho have any Lantern Festivals? Sure enough, and much to my surprise, there are actually a lot of Lantern Festivals that happen year-round in Idaho and Utah.

Check out these videos from the Boise Water Lantern Festival and the Salt Lake City Lantern Fest to get a good feel for what these events are like and why you won't want to miss them.

Here are the best and most-recommended sky and water lantern festivals in Idaho and Utah 👇

Chinese Lanterns Coming to Idaho & Utah in 2022

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