With temperatures rising and "cuffing season" now over, it seems that flirting and new relationships might just be in the air around the Treasure Valley. Do you find yourself channeling your inner Drake and thinking along the lines of being here for a "good time, not a long time"? Maybe it's time you get yourself tested if you're playing the field.

Just how interesting is the dating scene in Boise these days? 

Dating Fails That'll Make You Glad You're Not Dating in Idaho

From creepy crawlies to children tagging along, here are the worst dating stories we heard from people in the Treasure Valley.

Are you glad that you aren't "in the scene" or is this just your life in Boise? 

For the entire month of June, Central District Health is going to be offering free STI Testing.

In a recent statement from Central District Health, they shared some alarming statistics: 

In 2020, 3,115 STI infections were reported within CDH’s jurisdiction, with preliminary data showing 3,018 STI's in 2021. While chlamydia and gonorrhea infections are seen most often in 15-29 year-olds, early syphilis and HIV infections affect a wider age range in Idaho. So far in 2022, our area is seeing a rapid rise in syphilis cases, especially among women. Early testing and treatment can help curb the spread of syphilis.

The rapid rise in syphilis cases is certainly scary and Central District Health here in the Treasure Valley knows that the syphilis must be stopped.

Interested in "knowing your status" and getting checked for free?

Just schedule an appointment with a CDH clinician-- the following diseases are a part of the panel:

  • HIV
  • Hep C
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

For more information, click HERE.

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