Remember the couple from Nampa who found out last month that someone had moved into their home that they were selling?  They went to court to have the squatters evicted, and were denied.  

Brian and Renae Prindle have made national news after finding that a woman and several other people had moved into their vacant home in Nampa without permission.  They discovered her when they stopped by the house that was for sale after noticing items had been moved.

When they confronted her, the woman claimed she lived there and said she had made a deposit and executed a lease.  Police said they couldn't intervene and it would have to be taken to the tour system.  Now, the Prindles are having to go through the lengthy and challenging eviction process even though they have no signed contract and never received rent.

How is this even possible?

They have a buyer for the home who wants to close, but that is now on hold while they attempt to figure out the situation through the court system.

Truly insane.  For more on this story, check out our KTVB Newschannel 7's story HERE.

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