Does this woman actually have a case?

I'm a klutzy person.  I fall down a lot.  I have a hard enough time standing on my own two feet as it is, so I wouldn't be shocked if I slipped and fell on the ice anywhere, especially at an event who's very DNA is made up of ice and snow.  C'est la vie. It happens.

But don't try telling that to Ginny Seegmiller of Nampa.  According to KTVB, she's suing the federal government for falling on the ice outside of a United States Department of Agriculture ranger station in McCall while looking at their snow sculpture during the 2016 Winter Carnival.

In the lawsuit, Seegmiller claims that the USDA didn't make enough of an effort to remove ice from a property that they knew would attract people to look at their snow sculpture.  The suit goes on to explain that the paths were abnormally slick and had not been shoveled or treated with a product like salt or ice melt. It was more than just normal snowfall on the paths. There were also no signs warning about slick conditions.

When paramedics responded to the call for her fall, Seegmiller claims they had to drop either salt or cat littler on the ground to create a safe pathway to get her to the ambulance. She eventually had to have surgery and is still going through some sort of treatment for the injuries.  The suit is seeking $25,000 to make up for medical expenses, loss of income and emotional damage.

I was there for Winter Carnival in 2016, but I can't remember the exact conditions around that ranger station and the sculpture there. I do know that I went for a 10 mile run the weekend I was in McCall and the conditions of the sidewalks in town and bike lane on Warren Wagon road were clear enough for me to run without YakTrax.  Those are basically snow chains for your shoes that keep you from slipping on the ice. All of this sounds like an unfortunate accident to me...

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