We’re nerds. We love showing off the things that we nerd out about. Hobbies. Movies. TV Shows. Our pets. Our families. But should you be doing that on your vehicle? 

If you’re someone who’s constantly on the go, it’s only natural to want to dress up your car with the things you love the same way you would your living room, man cave or she-shed. The cheapest, easiest way to do that? Slapping a bumper sticker, window decal or magnet on your ride. However, some law enforcement agencies, including the Meridian Police, say that you may be advertising a little too much of your life story to potential criminals. 

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A 2022 Reader’s Digest article titled “Here’s Why You Really Shouldn’t Have Bumper Stickers On Your Car” is starting to make the rounds on social media. The article takes a look at which stickers share information that could make you a potential burglary victim or your child the target of a potential predator. A lot of that information reinforces a Facebook post that the Meridian Police Department made back in 2020. 

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

The post highlighted six different types of stickers you really should reconsider putting on your window and explained how those stickers look to criminals. It was shared over 192 times and members of the community jumped in with other stickers/decals that you MAY want to reconsider.

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Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Like we mentioned, the community chimed in with other potentially harmful stickers too. We live in Idaho and people love their guns. You might think that gun stickers say “don’t mess with me, I can protect myself.” A thief might think “I bet that guy has a gun in his car or his house.” 

When we finished our first marathon, we couldn’t wait to slap a “26.2” sticker on our car. Thieves may see your car in a park along the Greenbelt or at a trailhead and think to themselves “This person could be gone for hours” before breaking into your car. 

It’s food for thought before putting a new sticker on your car!

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