AH, summer bugs in the Treasure Valley.  How do I get rid of these pests without toxic chemicals spread all over my home and yard?

Last night we BBQ'd and wanted to have dinner on our wonderful deck.  We had just sat down to eat and one of the twins starts freaking out yelling “bee! bee! bee sting me.”  So I grabbed our plates and we fled to the safety of the house.  Gosh darn those yellow jackets!  I believe the neighbor has a nest somewhere on their property but we have yet to locate it.

We seem to have a lot of bugs in the Treasure Valley, especially if we’ve had a mild winter.  Mosquitoes seem to be especially bad in the outlying areas around Boise and Nampa.  Click here for some tips to help mosquito proof your yard.

And those pesky yellow jackets?  Here’s an informative video that may help!


Have a great summer!

Make it a healthy and bug free day.



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