I have an 80/20 rule that I live by.  I try to do all the healthy stuff like eat right and move around about 80 percent of the time.  The other 20 percent I use for a little indulgence.  I also try not to over think the whole healthy eating thing.   The other night when I got home from a fairly challenging workout I was tired and didn't feel like slicing/dicing/steaming or anything that also involved cooking and cleaning up.   I knew I needed protein, because I can't sleep if I'm hungry.  So, I just grabbed some beans out of the pantry and ate 'em cold right out of the can while I caught up with facebook and emails.  Not glamorous, I know, but it was cheap and quick.  The other 80 percent of the time I'm enjoying fresh local cherries, watermelon, green beans, salmon, pecans and the all other things we're supposed to be eating if we don't want to look and feel like a slug.   However, it never fails if I'm out somewhere public and there is a "treat" like pie or cake or basically anything with chocolate I always get that question, "I thought you didn't eat that kinda stuff?"  Yes, I do but only 20 percent of the time.