Believe it or not, the Treasure Valley has its own place in the Marvel Universe. Last week, I told you about Gargantua, a Boise native and former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientist that went rogue after an experiment gone wrong.

Gargantua or Edward Cobert isn't the only Marvel character that has called Boise home. There is also Melissa Gold, otherwise known as Songbird. While she claims to be from the Treasure Valley, no one seems to be convinced that she actually is.

Melissa Gold was born in Wyoming to an alcoholic father and a mother who was in jail. She ran away to the east coast, where she found her way into a wrestling ring. She was part of a successful group of pro wrestlers called the Grapplers and went by the ring name Screaming Mimi. The Grapplers did some work for some supervillains and wound up in Ryker's Island prison.

She had a romantic relationship with the villain, Angar the Screamer, battled Hawkeye and Mockingbird from the Avengers. After Angar's death joined a new group of supervillains called the Thunderbolts. Once she became a part of this group, her name was changed to Songbird. After several battles with the Avengers, she retired from her life of crime and moved to Idaho.

With no one left to turn to, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. needed the help of Melissa Gold to catch a rogue Hawkeye. The Thunderbolts reformed, now trying to rehabilitate supervillains. However, this turn towards the light was short-lived because she is back to her old tricks, with new friends.

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