Having lunch delivered to your office just got a little sweeter! 

On Saturday night, hubby and I were honored to be guests at the 4th Annual Policeman's Ball at the Grove Hotel. This is one of those swanky events where after the fancy dinner they serve you, they'll place several desserts on your table. It's up to you and your table-mates to determine who gets what.

Hubby's on another one of his silly diets, so I know darn well he wasn't going to eat his so I started having a crisis of conscious. Which dessert should I eat? The mini apple pie or the huckleberry cheesecake?! I certainly didn't need to eat both!

As I'm sitting there rationalizing it out loud, my husband looks at me and says "for as many times as you've sent me across the street to Albertsons because you're craving cheesecake...you better eat the damn cheesecake."

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If you wouldn't have had a problem making this decision and you 10/10 times would pick the cheesecake, then you're the person I need to tell about this! Boise's Cheesecake factory is handing out FREE slices of cheesecake through March 25.

Want yours? Here's what you need to do. When the workday gets busy and you just can leave to grab lunch, order your lunch Cheesecake Factory lunch through Door Dash. If your order totals more than $15, add the promo code LUNCHSLICE when you go to check out. That will let you add a free slice of cheesecake to your order. You can use the code any weekday until 5 p.m.

Just a heads up, you can't get your free slice in store. It's only available with delivery.

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