If you're shamelessly addicted to ABC's Bachelor in Paradise like I am, how's your heart doing after the two night finale?

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

I had a meeting on Monday evening, so I DVRed night one and watched it without my husband when I got home from work on Tuesday.  It was a good thing that I watched it alone, because an emotional roller coaster! After the final rose ceremony, Chris Harrison told all eight of the remaining couples that they had to make a decision whether or not their relationship was a "summer fling" or "real thing." If they were ready to take the next step in their relationship, they were welcome to stay the evening with their partners in the romantic Fantasy Suite.  If they weren't sure the relationship could last, they should break up and leave Paradise. Most of the couples came to the realization that they didn't have a connection that wouldn't last beyond the show and called it quits. But in a shocking twist, two of the strongest couples split! I'd invested so many hours in the show this summer, that I was legitimately crushed by the break-ups.

Luckily, one of the three couples that did survive and decided to take their relationship to the next level was our former LITE-FM promotions tech (and BSU grad,) Krystal Nielsen and boyfriend, Chris Randone! After seeing how happy she was during the Bachelor in Paradise watch party she hosted in Boise last week, I had this gut feeling that the two of them would be one of the couples engaged at the end of the show.  From actually hanging out with Krystal when she lived in Boise, I could tell that she was genuinely head over heels for Chris during their time together on the show. And Chris seemed like such a good match for her. That's why I bawled a ton of happy tears when Chris popped the question on night two of the finale.  You can watch the romantic proposal below!

After being portrayed as the villain on the Arie's season of the Bachelor, Krystal's decision to take a second chance at love on the reality TV show wasn't one she took lightly. At the watch party, she explained that she dealt with extreme anxiety following her stint on the Bachelor and that reading the negative comments people left behind about her behavior on the show made her feel misunderstood. (Something I maintained and told everyone while she was on the show. I repeatedly told them, "This isn't the Krystal I know...she's someone who's constantly there to motivate and uplift other women. This is all how they edited the show.) Between the Bachelor and Paradise, she spent a lot of time reentering herself emotionally and focused on her job as a fitness coach. Her whole journey has been absolutely inspiring....

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

...and that's why I'm very excited to tell you that Krystal will be joining us on LITE-FM this Monday for "Michelle's Monday Motivation!" We'll chat about her experience on the show, what's next for her and her new fiance, how she keeps a positive outlook and answer YOUR questions!

What do you want to ask Krystal? Enter your question below and Krystal could answer it during our time together!