It's an image that has been imprinted into the memories of local sports fans, arguably, unlike any other. It takes place at the 50-yard line in Glendale, Arizona. There stands Chris Petersen, surrounded by his all-star players, raising up with both hands the crowned jewel of the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl trophy.  In that moment, football fans across the nation were enamored with Boise State and the game that had just ended--and elevated Boise State to be THE Cinderalla program.

Now the question remains: what has happened?

Two of the biggest games of the entire football season for Boise State have now come and gone. Both of them have ended in a loss. What is going on, Bronco Nation?

The last time that Boise State started off a season this bad, it was the year 2005. That team went on to lose to all three of the biggest games of the year--and four, if you count the bowl game that year, too.

The positive outlook now is that just two years later, the Broncos went undefeated and won a Fiesta Bowl. Bronco fans are spoiled however, and definitely don't want to wait two years to see that kind of a season again. With the rise of other mid-major programs such as UCF, BYU, Houston, and many others, Boise State simply doesn't have time to spare. They aren't the belle of the ball any longer.

After three weeks of play, many experts are releasing bowl game projections, too. For most, Boise State isn't even slated to be in a bowl game. Perhaps that has something to do with a less-than-easy conference schedule coming up, which as of now includes two ranked teams, Fresno State and BYU. Teams like Nevada, Air Force, and Utah State are also going to be tough to beat.

Could the Broncos see a LOSING record this year? While we hope not--it seems more and more possible by the week.

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