Boise State has its largest honors class in history, and they've got a new residence hall option that was just dedicated this week to help handle the growth.

Oh, and it's more than just the honors students that get to settle in to the sweet new digs.  

Boise State’s Honors College has 925 students this year, and that's about double the size from five years ago.  Boise State says the new Sawtooth Hall helped drive the growth, and it now it provides a state-of-the-art option for those students to eat, sleep, and study.  They just had the dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony this past Tuesday.

Sawtooth Hall is a state-of-the-art, five-story building with rooms that have their own vanities and a little extra space than the average dorm, judging by the info on the Facebook page.  And plenty of lounge space, and places to charge gadgets too.  Half of the building is for the Honors College and honors students of all classes, and the other half is for first-year students of all majors.

Boise State also announced this week it's had record enrollment this year across the campus, with 24,154 students, and more graduates in the past year than ever before with 4,172.  Sounds like it's all good at Boise State, and it just keeps getting better.

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