With all the talk of a downtown stadium, Boise was hoping to attract a minor or major league soccer team.  What they got instead is very, very different. 

If you've never read the Harry Potter series, you may be scratching your head when you see the word "Quidditch." In the series Quidditch is a sport played on flying broomsticks.  Each match is played on a oval shaped field called a "Pitch" and the object is to score as many points possible by getting the "quaffle" ball through any of the tree hooped goal posts at each end of the field. The game automatically ends if the seeker from one of the teams catches the winged ball known as the "golden snitch."

Potter-heads from around the world were so enthralled with the game, that a slightly less magical version of the spot was put together an intercollegiate quidditch association. Boise State's Abraxans Quidditch team has been part of that since 2012 and they're pretty good! They've taken home the Northwest Regional Championship title in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

There's now a national Major League Quidditch league in operation and one of their teams is relocating to the Treasure Valley.  According to Channel 6, the Phoenix Sols are no more and the Boise Grays will take their place in the west division in the new year.

It may look silly to watch, but if the wizarding world gets people who may otherwise be too shy to get off the couch get active and make new friends, I'm all about it!

The Boise Grays will hold auditions in April and try to earn a spot in the MLQ Championship in Wisconsin during the season that runs June - mid-August.

Want to check out what you can expect? Check out this video that Boise State uploaded highlighting the Abraxans!


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