Podcasts are certainly one of the 'to-do' things now. You can find a podcast on just about any topic in the world, I am not saying it is good, but most likely someone somewhere has started a podcast about it. I am very curious about this latest local podcast endeavor. Our very own fantastic Boise Police Department have decided to start a podcast. -cue COPS theme song-

In all seriousness, it wont be THAT type of podcast, although we will still hear stories about the crime fighting and updates happening in our community. The City of Boise website even has a page dedicated to introducing The BPD Beat podcast saying "it will cover a variety of topics with different guests and the goal of helping community members get to know department staff, better understand Boise Police’s community liaison work and learn more about the department’s values. The podcast is hosted by Boise Police Department Captain Matt Bryngelson who has been with BPD for over 22 years and is  a former radio DJ and is enjoying mixing these two roles."

You can listen to “"The BPD Beat” podcast on Podbean, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts."

Want to check out a few of the first few episodes? They are fairly short, most are around 10 minutes, the longest so far is just under 20 minutes. It is fascinating to learn more about the ins and outs of the life of a police officer and even neater to hear from and learn more about the ones serving right here in Boise. Take a listen to the start of what will probably be a popular and long standing podcast for our community.

Pretty good right?! They would love community feedback and suggestions, questions and topic ideas. Please reach out via email at BPDMedialine@cityofboise.org

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