If you drive through Downtown Boise right now, chances are you’ll have to reroute yourself due to the army of orange cones and road closures that have taken over. 

A good section of downtown is torn up right now as crews work on projects like the Saratoga Apartments, Hotel Renegade, Treefort Music Hall and BoDo Cinema (which may be opening sooner than we anticipated. We found a potential opening date and we’re working on confirming it.) 

Images via Google Maps
Images via Google Maps

The ongoing construction is a reminder that change in Downtown Boise isn’t just inevitable, it’s ongoing and pretty dramatic! The Google Maps car first visited Downtown Boise in 2007, That year, the United States Census Bureau estimated that 203,582 people lived in the city. Buildings like JUMP, Whole Foods and several hotels didn’t exist yet. The Boise Hole was still a hole. Construction on some of those projects moved so slowly that it’s nearly impossible to picture what Downtown Boise looked like before them.

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Luckily, Google Maps cars visit Boise every few years. Their most recent drive through Downtown Boise was captured in October 2022. 

We pulled some of the most dramatic “now and then” pictures of Downtown Boise and areas on Broadway near our office to show you how much different Boise looks 15 years and 34,000 new residents later!

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The Google Maps car first visited Boise in 2007. Things have changed A LOT since then!

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