Ammon Bundy is a fighter. He has fought the law at every level, federal, state, local, and even the state's most extensive healthcare system. Now Mr. Bundy faces another opponent, the mayor of Boise, Lauren McLean.

A look at one of Mr. Bundy's past events in neighboring Meridian.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

The current dispute involves a proposed campaign event in Boise this weekend at a Boise park. Mayor McLean has publicly stated in a written release that Mr. Bundy and his followers are not welcome.

“You may hear that the city cancelled a reservation made for, but not by, Ammon Bundy for a campaign rally at Cassia Park on September 10th. Upon discovering that this park reservation was made under a different name, and for a different purpose, the city canceled the reservation. I believe Mr. Bundy intentionally misrepresented the event on the reservation to skirt the special events process and requirements we have in place.

Bundy and his associates have made a habit of harassing city employees, personally targeting doctors, and threatening judges and so many others in our community and consistently disregard established ways of ensuring public safety. The people of Boise have had enough of his threats and intimidation, and do not wish to welcome someone with Mr. Bundy’s track record into the heart of our community.”

Here are the details from the event that has caused the mayor to react.

Mr. Bundy is currently running for Idaho governor as an independent. He has been touring the state and holding meetings at various locations.


Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

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