The food trends are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While the rest of Idaho may be rolling around in sugar and carbs, and overdosing on fiber, Boise is rebelling by practicing a little restraint.  Not too much, don't worry.

The foods that Google tells us we search for can help us learn a lot about Idaho's cravings, and apparently, we're jonesin' for smoothies and Acai bowls.  Those searches are way up right now.

Boise always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to healthy food trends and the rest of civilization catches up later and rides our fit and healthy coattails, and this may be what's happening again.  If my squad's Google searches are any indication, smoothie recipes trump the majority of Idaho's biscuits and gravy.

Cinch Home Services pulled data from all 50 states to learn more about people's Googling habits when it comes to meals they're interested in.

The top foods in Idaho for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, according to Cinch are:

Breakfast:  Biscuits and gravy with bacon

Lunch:  Chicken noodle soup

Dinner:  Fried rice

Maybe we're Googling these things to investigate sodium levels and then convincing ourselves not to eat them, who knows.  Or maybe these things are Saturday Googles.  Or maybe you love them, you really love them.  You and my 3rd grader!  That is fantastic and I am jealous because my metabolism can't even.

Cinch also said, "acai bowls have enjoyed a 50% Google search increase since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, smoothie-related searches have risen by 83%, the most of any breakfast food."  I have a sneaking suspicion that Boise is more on board with this trend than it is with searches for fat and carbs.  But overall, Idaho loves gravy, and because we love Idaho, we'll continue to be proud.

Oregon is Googling lots of burritos and Washington is with us on the hunt for fried rice.  Virginia and Maine search the most for fish tacos at lunch.  Yum.  Click HERE to see results for other states as we snack our way through work.

Does anyone else eat the frozen banana before you can get it into the smoothie?  Oh my goodness, yes!  They are popsicles I tell ya.  And sometimes it happens while we're searching for fish tacos online.  These are the stories Google can't tell.

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