You'll Spend $500 on Dinners and Drinks During the Holidays
Just when your budget was about to bust after buying toys, necklaces, and flat screens this month, prepare to fully blow it up with fancy appetizers and booze. We'll put $537 toward socializing during the holidays. And you'll never guess which seasonal drink is the most popular.
Times Have Changed
Tonight I had a salad for dinner.  It was lettuce, avocado, mozzarella, sauteed chicken and Lighthouse Blue Cheese dressing. It was filling and absolutely delicious.
Serena Stops Thief
Serena Williams was out to dinner in San Fransisco when a man grabbed her phone and walked off.  She took off after the guy, caught him and was much gentler than I would have been, she showed grace and class.
Serena posted this picture on her Facebook page along with this description of what hap…