If you watch the news, you'd think that the whole world is an angrier place than it used to be. Fear, stress, frustration caused by the pandemic, and its health and the economic fallout have caused emotions to run high worldwide. Add in the little things like slow wifi, a mean boss, gossipy coworkers, the person driving the car in front of you going 20 miles per hour. You can understand why people might turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Alchohol.org is an addiction treatment resource. They commissioned a survey to determine our anger levels and how we cope with them.

Anger is an emotion that can negatively affect your health, and coping with it in unhealthy ways can make it even worse. According to their research, almost 90% of Americans are angrier now than before the pandemic. Nearly 70% admit that they have turned to drinking to cope with their anger.

Alcohol.org's study shows that the average American gets angry roughly six times per week. After looking at the data, I would suggest staying out of Deleware, where the average person is angry 12 times per week! It's not that Idahoans don't get mad, but being around nature and family and all the things we value in the Boise area probably help keep those levels down. Unless you drive home on State Street every afternoon, you might not have anger issues at all! Idahoans get angry only five times per week. That's one less than the national average. Honestly, I probably got angry five times per week before the pandemic started, so I would say that our state anger level is pretty healthy.

You can read the entire study for yourself HERE.

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