The upcoming weekend in Boise could be hotter than the current triple-digit temperatures that have plagued our area for the last several weeks. The annual Boise Pride Festival is coming to town and has several folks alarmed at the schedule of events.

Several folks have taken to social media to protest the specific activity types listed in the Gay Pride Guide. You can see the entire list of events and decide for yourself what you think will happen at Cecil Andrus Park. Here is the link. 

One issue that no one has brought up is that the mayor and a city council member have officially welcomed the Gay Pride Event. Mayor McLean said in her written statement, 'It is events like Pride Fest that remind me of who we are as a city. That in times of adversity, we continue to preserve and stand firm in our commitment to ensuring a path forward for our LGBTQIA+ community, near and far.'

This is America and the mayor has a right to express her opinion about any issue that she believes is important. However, the city has not had a Fourth of July Parade for several years. There has been no movement from the mayor's office or an official move by the Boise City Council to help local volunteers bring back the celebration of our nation's birth?  

Mayor McLean took to social media proclaiming her support.

Indeed the mayor and the city council love our country and are patriots. We believe that to be true, so why not have the same passion and endorsement for America's Birthday as this week's Pridefest?Let's invite the entire local business community to join Cap Ed Credit Union is sponsoring an American Festival in Idaho's Capital City. If these businesses support Pridefest, they should have no problem supporting America.  

Meridian Government Endorses Gay Boise Pride Festival


Meridian Mayor Robert Simison along with his city council has signed a proclamation endorsing Boise Gay PrideFest.  Meridian is a culturally a very different place than Boise and we'll see if his constituents agree with his decision.

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