Hop-hop-hooray! Not only will this add a lot of fun to your Easter, its also helping out pets in need!  

Over the years, your family discovered their favorite Easter Egg hunt. The kids loved the treats. You loved the fact that you didn't have to hide eggs or clean up afterwards. Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a wrench into those plans last year. You tried your best to plan a special Easter Egg hunt. Your kids loved it. But deep down, you felt outdone by all the moms who posted at home Easter Egg hunts that were straight off of Pinterest.

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Right now, it's unclear if any community Easter Egg hunts will return in 2021, so there's a local business offering bring that holiday magic to your home! Pampered Paws Mobile Peticures will fill eggs with candy or toys and scatter them around your yard on the Friday or Saturday before Easter. They'll also include a special note to your kids from the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Egg hunt service is a fundraiser to support pets in need at the Idaho Humane Society! What a great cause, right? Here's the break down what you'll get for your donation:

  • 30 Eggs for $25
  • 50 Eggs for $40
  • 100 Eggs for $75
  • 150 Eggs for $120

Are you interested in getting a little help for Easter this year? You have until March 25 to reach out and place your order. You can give Mackenzie from Pampered Paws Mobile Peticures a call at 919-945-4110.

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