Our men and women at the Boise Fire Department were busy last night with what started as an attempt to save a Boise business but quickly became more of a containment mission as a fire flashed through the India Fashion and Grocery market at the intersection of Overland Road and Latah Street just after 10 o'clock.

The Idaho Statesman reported Boise Fire saying the blaze started from a series of surge protectors in the main office, which malfunctioned and sparked the fire.

There have been no statements from employees or the owner yet.  It would be pure speculation at this point to guess what's going to happen now.  Will they rebuild, is it over, does it change, will the employees eventually have something to come back to, will residents get their cute little store back???  We'll keep you posted as more information comes in.

Credit: Boise Fire Department
Credit: Boise Fire Department

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