Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson have been household names across the Treasure Valley for the past five years. Their skillful design on a budget made them the ultimate Boise-area success story. They opened Timber + Love in 2017, and their reputation for house flipping made them famous outside of Idaho. HGTV was so impressed that they gave them a reality show called "Boise Boys," making them synonymous with Boise real estate.  

After two seasons of Boise Boys, the network decided to take a different direction with the duo. With too many house-flipping shows on the air, they pivoted to a new concept with the series "Outgrown." That show was about helping families better use the space in their homes. Similar to the second season of Boise BoysOutgrown performed inconsistently in the ratings.

It appears that HGTV has yet to renew Boise Boys or Outgrown. A fan recently asked if the show would return and Timber + Love Facebook page responded "It is currently to be determined!" That was about four weeks ago.

The last time Luke and Clint were on television was on December 4, 2021. HGTV chose not to televise the season finale of Outgrown. It was instead moved exclusively to the Discovery Plus streaming service on December 19, 2021. Not exactly the vote of confidence you would expect for a show that the network plans to renew.  


The announcement of the show's finale on Discovery Plus on December 16, 2021, was also the last time we saw Clint Robertson mentioned on the Timber + Love Facebook page. He quietly left the company in September 2020 while continuing to film the TV show with Luke, even though he had already left Idaho and moved back to his home state of Texas.  

With Clint no longer a part of Timber + Love, it seems we have seen the last of the Boise Boys in the community or on our TVs. Fortunately, you can still watch their old shows on Discovery Plus and stay in the homes they designed around the Treasure Valley on Airbnb.

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These four homes were renovated by the Boise Boys on the show or off the show. We will give you the episode number and current rental price for each of these Airbnb's.

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