The beginning for February may have brought us several 60º days, but temperatures for rest of the week are hovering about 10º below average but not at The Handlebar! Or should we say the "Sandlebar?" 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

My heart is so happy every time we go into The Handlebar in Downtown Boise and I see it packed.  Located in the old Crazy Horse location on Main, this bar was such a labor of love for one of our favorite former Old Chicago bartenders.  Ezra Jackson and his girlfriend/former Townsquare Media intern, Lauren worked for months to transform the grunge music venue into a bicycle themed bar with 25 beers/ciders and several wines on tap.  With a little help from their friends, family and a handful of OC regulars, they were able to transform the once all black room with re-purposed pallet wood and old fences.

Image via The Handlebar

Located about a half mile from where the Greenbelt picks up at Ann Morrison Park, The Hadlebar became the craft beer destination for cyclists like they hoped they would.  It's also become a favorite starting place for my running club's Thursday night "social runs." I mean, when they have some really out of the box bar games planned like "sofa bike races," how can you resist going to check it out? During our last social run, Lauren was telling us about their "beach party" concept where they were bringing truck loads of sand into the bar to turn it into a tropical paradise.  We all looked at each other and said "we're in, just tell us when!"

Image via The Handlebar

Well, "Beach Party" week is officially underway! They've got something special planned for each night of the week, so if you want to kick off your shoes and put your toes in the sand make time to stop by for a beer after work.  Or a margarita.  They've also got frozen margaritas on the menu for "Beach Party" week!"

In fact, look for me and my friends from Team Run Boise on Thursday evening! We'll be there to do a short 30-40 minute run/walk around 6 p.m. and then enjoy the beach with you.  If you're working towards doing your first 5K at Race for the Cure or FitOne, we're inviting you to join us and see what the happiest running club in town is all about!

The Handlebar "Beach Party" Week Schedule

  • Wednesday: Sandcastle Contest
  • Thursday: Thursday Night Shenanigan Bike Finals with Founders Brewing
  • Friday: Bucket Ball
  • Saturday: Pirate Part and Bar Games
  • Sunday: $3 Margaritas