I wish I had my camera out the first time my husband tried one of these! 

Mostly because he chose not to believe me when I told him it was something he probably wouldn't like. We were at the San Inazio Festival with the best man in our wedding who had otherwise convinced him that a Kalimotxo would be the most amazing drink to ever hit his lips. Needless to say, I was right. The face he made with his first sip was absolutely hilarious.

If you've never tried one before, Marie Claire's description of the Basque cocktail pretty much sums up what it is perfectly.  They called it the abominable snowman of cocktails. It's something that you don't quite believe exists until you see it with your own two eyes. The cocktail was created and gained popularity in Spain in the 1970s. Equal parts red wine and Coke, it supposedly came about when servers at a festival realized that the wine they were pouring wasn't great so they tried to cover it up with the taste of the only mixer they had available...cola.

Coke's seemed to embrace the unlikely combination and has a whole section of their website to help people select the right wine to make it with and what foods to pair it with. They claim that it's as refreshing as a summer sangria, but I can't agree with that.

The only thing I'll say is it's unique and if you're anywhere near the Basque Block during this weekend's San Inazio Festival, it's something you have to try at least once.  Report back and let us know what you think!

For the complete list of events happening during the festival, including Basque dancing and the big street party, click HERE! 

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